April 8, 2010

In the beginning there were sketches...

Maggie Sottero, Allure [photos courtesy of Brides.com]

Every great idea has to start somewhere, and these fashion forward sketches are the humble beginnings of stunning bridal gowns for the upcoming season later this year! My sneak peak article showcases some of my favourite sketches that promise to transform into breathtaking wedding dresses, and here are a few more of them...

The main trends so far are; floral embellishments, mermaid silhouettes, and multi-tiered skirts and I already can't wait to see the complete collections!!
Augusta Jones//Lazaro

Justin Alexander// Galina for Davids Bridal

Ann Bowen// Watters Bride

Melissa Sweet//Amy Kuschel

Angel Sanchez// Platinum for priscilla of Boston
Tara Keely// St Pucchi

Priscilla of Boston//Temperley London

To see more stylish sketches visit my Examiner page

April 1, 2010

Dark and delicious...

Okay my lovelies I am back on track, and my latest obsession is for the modern mind only so old fashioned thinkers may please leave now {giggle} I jest I jest...
How many times has someone shown you their engagement ring and they expected you to gasp over how amazingly beautiful it was so you obediently took a closer look only to realize that it's identical to a million other engagement rings you've seen throughout your life! Its time for brides and their grooms to think outside the box and try something unique and fashion forward like the little black ring. My examiner article this week put a spot light on black diamonds, and believe me they are a thing of beauty. A lot of people aren't sure about them, and seem to think they're too masculine and aren't bright and sparkly enough.. well this is not the disco era and frankly high fashion isn't always understood...

The beauty of the black diamond lies in the sharp contrast created by the dark color of the stone set against the metal of the ring. Black diamonds combined with white diamonds can create the most breathtaking jewelry it is a wonder women aren't climbing over each other to own a ring like this.

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend ahead,