July 20, 2011

It’s a love/hate thing! Mantilla Veils

Mantilla by M& J

Mantilla veils are without a doubt the most dramatic of all veils… they scream for attention and refuse to be ignored. The lace trim makes a bold statement in contrast to the sheer and soft tulle of the veil but can sometimes be a little too bold for certain bridal gowns. I love the artistry of lace but truth be told, lace has the tendency to look heavy and dated so a bit more effort has to be put in to avoid looking like you’re wearing a lace doily,table cloth or curtain from grandma’s house

For those of you who didn’t read the article here is quick run down on mantillas

Round or oval cut tulle veil + heavy lace border all around = tricky-to-wear statement veil

 If your gown is all over lace, you should be careful what type of mantilla you choose because not all types of lace compliment each other and yes there is such a thing as too much lace. The beauty of lace is best displayed when it is contrasted against a non-lace fabric; layering one type of lace on top of another can create a heavy overall look.  Grace Kelly's much talked about wedding gown was lace and was paired with mantilla worn as a drop veil. The lace on her veil was extremely soft and delicate, but even still, the veil appears to be blending into the gown because of the lace on lace effect. For those of you who think that all lace looks the same slowly repeat after me “There are many types of lace and they are NOT all the same.. repeat.. repeat.. repeat”

If your gown is partially lace, you stand a better chance of pulling off a mantilla veil. Just be sure to try on the veil with the gown and make sure that the lace on the dress isn’t clashing with the veil. Always always always buy the gown first and then try on different type of veils with the gown and then take pictures of the different looks and then honestly analyze if the mantilla is enhancing the overall look of the gown or not. 

Personally I think mantilla veils look best with non-lace gowns made from fabrics with a matte finish such as chiffon, tulle, organza, charmeuse.. etc This way the lace isn’t louder than the gown, nor is the gown louder than the lace, they are just in perfect harmony. {cue peaceful harp music}

While I do like the popular way of wearing the mantilla on the crown of the head usually matched with a half-do or completely down hairstyle.. I am now totally in love with wearing the mantilla as a drop veil paired with a sleek and elegant updo!
Drop veil Mantilla

Paloma Blanca


Davids Bridal

Davids Bridal

Stay stylish my darlings!!


  1. Wow love the drop veil style!!!

  2. Can you tell me who designed the veil in the 2nd and 3rd picture from the top, please! Thanks!!

  3. Can you tell me who designed the veil in the 2nd and 3rd picture from the top, Please! Thanks!!

    1. http://weddbook.com/media/804863/wedding-so-pretty