June 17, 2011

Fall 2011 WHITE collection by Vera Wang

The Fall 2011 WHITE collection is scheduled to arrive in David's Bridal stores on June 22nd, but for those of us who can't wait to see the newest pieces, here is a sneak peak.
Vera Wang decided to include bridesmaid dresses and shoes in this new collection! How exciting!?
Gorgeous bridal gowns + stylish shoes + glamourous veils, sashes, hair pieces + chic bridesmaid dresses.    All in one place.
Does it get any better? Yes it does, they are all within the same price range as the other gowns and accessories at David's Bridal. I can actually here bridesmaids around the world breathing a sigh of relief, finally gorgeous, flattering, fashion forward bridemaid dresses that dont cost the earth!  The WHITE collection is truly a one stop shop for stylish brides.

Needless to say I ♥ Vera Wang and adore the ethereal feel of her pieces... and yes that includes her uber affordable WHITE collection.



June 7, 2011

Welcome to the world of Jasmine Bridal

It is hard to be original when it comes to bridal gown designing  with so many bridal designers out there, it’s hard to keep coming up with gowns that are different from the others, but Jasmine has mastered this art! I seriously drool over their gowns every time the new collections are released.  The collections are just distinctive and stand apart from the rest. They add bold and daringly fanciful features to their gowns to make them unique and original.  I love the oversize applique features on a lot of their skirts and the organized chaos they have going on with their ball gowns!!  Feast your eyes upon the latest wedding dresses from Jasmine Bridal

Stay stylish