May 27, 2010

You wont believe these aren't real...

So I'll just start by saying that I hate synthetic flowers. Yes I used the H word, because I honestly get oh so frustrated seeing beautiful brides proudly holding on to frightfully ugly bouquets made of rubbery looking flowers and glittery ribbon.. I always felt that the only suitable alternative to a fresh cut bouquet was no bouquet at all, but that was until I found these stunning silk bouquets..

They look amazingly realistic, are more affordable than fresh cut and can last for years after the wedding. In fact the more I think about it, I wonder why anyone would opt for fresh cut flowers over these chic silk creations..

The photos show silk flowers from and
I hope you all enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!

May 20, 2010

The frilly tale of Lazaro..

Hot off the runway Lazaro Spring 2011

The facts are these.. Not every woman has an ultra-feminine-super-girly sense of style. No, some of us go a little easy on the frills and sometimes in looking for the perfect wedding dress, it seems as though there aren't any gowns that get the balance quite right. Some are either too frilly or just too plain and boring. I guess the designers think if you aren't uber feminine then u just want to get married in an ugly block of white fabric. Well they are wrong.
The interesting thing about Lazaro bridal gowns is that they appear use overdoses of frills, tiers and femme touches and yet manage to construct their gowns in such a way that the over all appearance is refined, simple and effortless. In short I lazaro.
For more photos of their spring 2010 collection check out my examiner page!

Stay stylish my darlings..