September 13, 2011

Size matters!

Lets be honest, nothing is ever overdone and elegant at the same time because elegance and moderation go hand in hand. To keep the wedding effortlessly chic  it’s important to choose the right size bridal party. Read more about what the right size is here. In case you need added motivation here are a few more reasons...
 A lot of people claim they simply cant leave anyone out  because they have so many friends...think of it this way, imagine if every single competitor in the olympics was given a gold medal, it would defeat the entire purpose of competing. The same principle applies, if you ask every single one of your friends to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen and you end up with a bridal party of over 20 people, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a bridal party at all; it doesn’t feel like much of an honor to be chosen and everyone gets lost in the shuffle
 Having attended a sinful amount of weddings myself, I can tell you there is nothing worse than sitting through an extremely long processional  with  12 couples {12 bridesmaids & 12 groomsmen}  strolling down the aisle, followed by 7 flower girls, and 4 ring bearers and then a mini bride and groom.  I have seriously attended a wedding with this many people!!! By the time the 5th flower girl appeared I was stifling a yawn!  Who needs 7 flower girls? Better yet who needs 4 ring bearers when there are only two rings? The bridal party of this wedding came to a whopping 37 people not including ushers or the bride and groom themselves. A bit much? Indeed.
 Even the most experienced wedding photographers dislike shooting mammoth bridal parties because its hard to keep the shots from looking like a class of 99 year book shot. Wedding photos should be classy, stylish and a true reflection of the people in the picture.. but with so many people in each shot, the pictures can quickly become stiff, cliche and crowded.
Coordinating and transporting the bridal party is so much easier and less stressful with a smaller number.  Plus most sleek stretch limos only seat up to 22 people so if your total number exceeds that you might have to fork out extra for a party bus.. and truth be told they don’t look so hot from the outside.
 Any true fashionista knows that less is always more and quality trumps quantity,  unless of course you are aiming to get into the Guinness book of records like Laura Tolley who had 103 bridesmaids, sadly they denied her application on a minor technicality and she did not make into the book. Moment of silence for her loss? Nah...
Weigh in my darlings and tell me what you think? Do you agree to keep it small or do you believe "the more the merrier"?