September 20, 2015

DIY Wedding Cards Display

I know I can't be the only one who loves greeting cards. In fact love might actually be an understatement, I'm a little obsessed with cards. Birthday cards, Thank You cards, Just Because cards... I love them all.  Now trust me, I do understand that we are in digital era and that cards, much like gift wrap and tissue, are kind of pointless. Some might go as far as saying they are even a waste of paper and totally unnecessary. I beg to differ. Cards are beautiful,  they can instantly change your mood and it's all because they make excellent use of the two most powerful things in all the world; words and pictures.

Every time I buy a card, it literally takes me hours to pick out the perfect one, even though I know it will most likely end up in the trash by the end of the day. So as you can imagine, I never throw cards away. Ever.  Each card is special to me in a unique way and I can't bear to part with any of them. It follows naturally that I kept all our wedding cards. They were all so beautiful with messages of love, advice and best wishes. In fact the more I looked at the cards I felt it was sin to keep them hidden in a box. I decided to think of a way to display some of them so I could see them everyday. At first I thought about using a photo frames with string and pegs like this

Or even a chicken wire photo frame like this


But ultimately I decided I didn't want to cards to be exposed, so I opted for a traditional photo frame. I chose a 16x20 inch photo frame that had an aged metallic look and I started the difficult task of choosing which cards to display since we had so many and I loved them all. In the end I decided to choose ten cards that flowed well together and had a complementary color scheme.

Once I was happy with the arrangement,  I mounted the cards on the insert that came with the frame, and used lightweight paper glue to keep them in place. I added a few embellishments like the crystal ampersand and our initials and called it a day! I love having this up on the wall its a great reminder of our happy day!