May 25, 2011

The verdict is out! First Look wedding pictures

Gorgeous first look shots  PHOTO CREDIT// Joshua Dwain Photography

Quick summary of a first look wedding photo shoot:

Photo session + Just before the wedding ceremony + Bride and groom only + In their wedding outfits

Honestly, the first time I heard about this, one word came to mind. Why Why why why why?  Okay so that’s technically five words but you get the point. So if you read the article you know that this trend of having a first look photo session is actually very practical, at least in theory. Its supposed to save time somehow because you get the shots of the couple taken before the ceremony and that way you spend less time on photos after the ceremony. But one way or the other you’re still spending time on those photos though, right? Its just a matter of before or after. Theres a part of me that understands this trend, because the photo shoots done after the ceremony can be ever so tiring; the entire family is there, plus the bridal party, and everyone wants a photo with the couple, so it’s hard to get natural looking shots of the couple with such a large audience. Also, first look photos are taken soon after the couple have gotten dressed, so they are both looking their best, hair is on point and makeup is freshly applied. This ensures that the photos capture them at their best.

But lets look at the flip side. The walk down the aisle is important!!!! I’ll rephrase: The look on his face when he sees you walking down the aisle for the first time is important!!! He gets to appreciate all the time and effort it has taken to get the perfect dress, perfect fit and perfect accessories to match. Most first looks are set up in such a way that the groom has to face the other direction and the bride creeps up on him from behind so he doesn’t get to see her approach him. You only get one chance to make a first impression so WHY ruin that anticipation buildup by letting the groom see you right before the ceremony in the dress?? I.Dont.Get.It

A few things to keep in mind for those that have decided to have a first look:
• Remember to wear your wedding band for the shoot and then remember to take it off before you walk down the aisle. This is a classic mistake that is usually never noticed until the photos come back.

• If the dress is going to be bustled for the first look, remember to unbustle it before walking down the aisle. It is apparently very easy to forget to this and several brides have walked down the aisle with their dress bustled and never got to show their gorgeous train.

• For outdoor first looks come prepared with a first aid kit {lint roller, needles, pins, stain remover pen, thread} just in case of dress emergency before the walk down the aisle

Well weigh in my darlings and tell me what you think.. First look yay or nay?


May 18, 2011

Pick me Up!

Davids Bridal

 If you haven't read the pick up debate yet here's a quick summary for you:
2 types of pickups = tradional + modern
Tradtional pickups are not exactly trendy right now {This is the nice version}
Modern pickups have potential to look fierce
Moral of the story: learn how to tell the difference
The end.

The davids bridal dress above is a typical pick up dress. This is not in style right now. It is still a nice dress, dont get me wrong, but it has a GIANT time stamp that screams I belong in 2001 or earlier. Now this may be confusing for a lot of people. I constantly get questions like " how come Grace Kelly's wedding dress from the 1950s is still stylish whilst trends as recent as 2001 are out dated?" The answer is simple, some styles are just more timeless than others. Princess Diana got married in the 1980s nearly 30 years after Grace Kelly but her huge dress seems more dated than Grace Kelly's because she chose a style that was in fashion for only a short period, rather than a classic timeless dress. Just trust me on this one.
Now compare the Davids Bridal gown above to the Mikaella gown below. Both of these dresses have pickups but the Mikaella is softer and the asymmetry of it makes it look more like a gentle draping of fabric rather than deeply defined pickups. The Mikaella looks modern, effortless and figure flattering, the Davids bridal just looks busy. I rest my case.


Below are more bridal gowns with pick up skirts. Some look more dated than others. Can you tell the difference?

                                                                               Angelina Faccenda


Alfred Angelo Ariel {Disney Dress}

                                                                    Justin Alexander

                                                                  Maggie Sottero Calista

Maggie monalisa royale

                                                                        Mori Lee


May 12, 2011

Princess Beatrice and her hat... AGAIN...

So we all remember this hat right?  Or should I call it a headpiece... fascinator... helmet... personal antenna... your guess is as good as mine! So anyway Princess Bea's mother Duchess Sarah Ferguson announced on Oprah that the appalling "hat"would be auctioned on Ebay to raise money for UNICEF and Children in Crisis.  I guess Princess Bea gets the last laugh; she earns brownie points for raising money for these charities and gets rid of the ugly hat all in one shot!

Stay stylish

May 11, 2011

Chinese Laundry wedding shoes

Every bride embarks on The great shoe hunt; searching high and low for the perfect adornments for her wedding day feet. Chinese Laundry has a sweet selection of visually appealing, affordable shoes. Alot of their shoes are under $100 and thats not too bad considering the quality, comfort level especially when compared to other similar shoes on the market. Here is a line up of the standouts from the Chinese Laundry collection.


May 2, 2011

Simply chic J Crew wedding gowns!

I wrote The good, the bad, the unbelieveable a few years ago because even though I liked the craftsmanship of the J Crew wedding collection, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the range of styles, the prices and the fact that most of the dresses had to be ordered online since most of their stores didnt carry any of the pieces from their wedding collection. A lot has changed since then! They now have their first ever bridal boutique open for business on Madison Ave in New York and they have greatly expanded the options for brides and the entire bridal party.

Their wedding gowns are ultra simple, super modern and uber chic!  They are authentically bridal without being the same old boring gowns we've seen over and over.  I still think some of their gowns are bit pricier than they should be, I mean honestly if I had $3000 to spare on a wedding gown I would not buy a nearly casual looking dress from J Crew, no matter how luxe the fabric,  I'd much rather buy a higher end gown by a top bridal designer such as Romona Keveza, Monique Lhuillier, Priscilla of Boston. etc.. 
Simply put: I love J Crew wedding gowns but do not love the prices.. Below are some of my favorites from the current J Crew wedding collection


Stay stylish