January 23, 2011

Understanding Pnina Tornai

I would say that Pnina Tornai is an acquired taste. Most of her gowns have zero tolerance for anything average or ordinary. She designs her gowns for brides with extravagant taste who have no fear of being over-the-top. Her gowns have often been criticized for being too busy, too revealing and just plain crazy, but not all her gowns feature the sheer corset bodice that she is famous for.  Below are some of the gowns from her 2011 collection that feature her signature style

[1] Pnina loves bows. In her world you can never have too many bows on one gown.

[2] Pnina loves sheer bodices paired with heavy beading. I can't say I fully understand this, because there aren't too many brides that want to walk down the aisle in a sheer top dress. But she has managed to find a following of brides who seem to love this look. The one saving grace is that these gowns can be altered, by adding a layer of fabric inside the sheer bodice so it is no longer sheer

 [3] Pnina loves complicated straps and giant skirts. I am all for interesting necklines and unique straps, but Pnina surely takes it to a whole new level. I cant say for certain, but the strap featured in the photo below doesnt look particularly comfortable for an entire wedding and reception.  But I could be wrong?!  I fully appreciate the time and effort that went into making the skirt on that gown.. no matter how heavy and uncomfortable it may be.

[4] Pnina loves corsets! Usually fitted gowns like the one shown below feature zipper or button closures on the back. But Pnina throws a corset on any dress. I'm not a major fan of the corset look, but I can admit that it definitely beats a zipper in achieving the perfect fit; because its always slightly adjustable to suit minor differences in body proportion.

January 13, 2011

Bridal must have: Convertible wedding gown

David's Bridal two-in-one wedding dresses

Jasmine Couture T387

Romona Keveza L188

First of all, Happy new year my darlings, I’ve been hibernating, hiding under my pillow and wishing the winter would melt away rapidly..

My latest bridal obsession is the convertible wedding dress. These gowns eliminate the need for complicated bustles or shelling out extra cash for a reception dress. The funny thing about bustling a gown is that it only shortens the length of the train but doesn’t make the gown any lighter. It can be quite a work out dancing around in most traditional wedding dresses even if it is bustled!

Convertible wedding dresses however are every fashionistas dream come true; two dresses for the price of one without the actual hassle of changing from one dress to another. A cleverly placed detachable skirt makes the transformation smooth and effortless. It just doesn’t get any better than that!