December 11, 2009

A week in the life of a bridal writer...

A week in my life involves being immersed in a bubbling fountain of bridal information, as a bridal fashion writer my attention is always drawn to fashion concepts both new and old that impact upon the ever so important walk down the aisle. When I'm not drooling over deliciously unique fashion pieces, I'm liasing with my sources of inspiration; designers, photographers, fashion writers and ofcourse bridal retailers. A photo of me on Fashion Ave in my favorite city

This week my bridal pages on examiner were focused mainly on bridal accessories,the bridal party and wedding decor..

The bridesmaids dress is so often the focus of much hate and disgust, as the maids feel forced to wear frocks that dont flatter them in the slightest... thus i penned down chaper 1 of the 'choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress' series.

I came accross a darling collection of wedding cake toppers, and realised how boring and bland most of the ones I had seen in the past really were...

While browsing on an excellent source of bridal resources, I realised that there is no longer any reason for chaotic seating at the wedding reception, with low priced DIY escort cards that guide people directly to their table. I also rediscovered my love for all things Swarovski.. their crystal products have won my heart all over again. The low priced sparkly gems should be every
brides best friend. A crystal solitaire looks exactly like its diamond cousin but cost much less! Crystals can also be sprinkled over bridal gowns, and veils, even purses and shoes with fantastic results as long its just a sprinkle of crystals rather than a flood.


  1. great pics, that orange dress is pretty!

  2. Anonymous12/17/2009

    love this post honey! a week in your life is fabulous. I love the image of you on fashion avenue,the collage,the cake topper and the orage gown is beautiful! so chic

  3. Yummy post!Love all the things inspiring you this week. You look gorge in that image and that is one elegant bridesmaid dresses.
    thanks for sharing,

  4. Oooh! I wish your blog existed when I was preparing for my wedding many moons ago. I love the bridesmaid dress and that wedding cake topper is not only unique, it is too romantic for words!


  5. what a fab post! love your blog hun