May 20, 2010

The frilly tale of Lazaro..

Hot off the runway Lazaro Spring 2011

The facts are these.. Not every woman has an ultra-feminine-super-girly sense of style. No, some of us go a little easy on the frills and sometimes in looking for the perfect wedding dress, it seems as though there aren't any gowns that get the balance quite right. Some are either too frilly or just too plain and boring. I guess the designers think if you aren't uber feminine then u just want to get married in an ugly block of white fabric. Well they are wrong.
The interesting thing about Lazaro bridal gowns is that they appear use overdoses of frills, tiers and femme touches and yet manage to construct their gowns in such a way that the over all appearance is refined, simple and effortless. In short I lazaro.
For more photos of their spring 2010 collection check out my examiner page!

Stay stylish my darlings..


  1. I love your layout, it's the first thing that strikes me. Very true to your title, simple and chic :)

    Those illustrations are gorgeous btw :)

    Following back! I need to bookmark you for my dream wedding style ;)

  2. These are gorgeous and you are right on them remaining chic inspite of the frills.

  3. So girly!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  4. LUV LUV LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just want to get married again - In one of these dresses! Love!

  6. I can't find the first (floral print) dress anywhere except here! I need to see it larger because my love for it knows no bounds! Where did you find it?

  7. The floral print dress was was featured on as part of the spring 2011 collection but was actually in the Fall 2010 fashion show.