June 25, 2010

Dream wedding blues...

Million dollar dress, made out of British pounds [Expensive but not all that pretty]

The Bhm sisterhood recently debated this issue, and it became quite obvious that this area invokes a lot of strong opinions. Most women talk about their dream wedding (and dream dress), and how important it is for everything to be perfect no matter how much it costs. The debate was focused on brides who feel the need to spend a fortune to make their dreams come true even if it puts them in serious debt for many years to come.

On one hand, I perfectly understand a bride's desire to have a fairy tale experience for her wedding day. Its more than fair for her to spoil herself on at least one day of her life. People spend equally large amounts of money on other 'frivolous' things that they can't afford, why can't a bride spend her own hard earned money (or hard plastic) on making her day a dream come true?

On the other hand, my question is, if you've already found the perfect man, why is it so important to spend far more than you can afford knowing full well that it will take at least three lifetimes to pay everything back? When I meet bridezillas who wont crack a smile unless everything is absolutely positively perfectly expensive, I start to wonder if maybe (just maybe) they're missing the whole point of the wedding.  

Frankly a real fashionista, knows it doesn't matter how much you spend, its more about having a discerning eye and the ability to find stunningly stylish options even at a thrift store. Believe it or not, a wedding can be chic, stylish, fashion forward,  and have a large guest list without costing the earth. The way I see it, money can't buy style and thats my bottom line.  Now you've heard my opinion on the matter,  you can weigh in and share your ideas too. To splurge or not to splurge? What sayest thou?


  1. Kristi6/26/2010

    Splurge!!! I say save up and have weddin of the century, why not? why trim your dreams to be economical?

  2. it is quite an issue but I am with you on this. I think money is an issue these days but I think it is not so much about that is spent but rather the mood of the wedding and making sure it matches one's personality.

    I have been to weddings on a shoe string that were stunning, happy and beautiful.

    I have also been to weddings with no capped budget which were awful so I think money is always helpful but it is not everything and does not ensure the wedding will necessarily be a sucess.


  3. now THAT is a wedding dress!! SPLURGESPLURGESPLURGE - allthe way!!!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  4. Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments ladies. x

  5. I say a future together with an actual savings is way better than splurging and not being able to afford a house, a new car, and nobody ever thinks about unexpected pregancies and how much that cost.
    I respect a bride who can make a wedding look like a million bucks for waaaay less.

    You are so right. Money cant buy style.