November 30, 2010

I dream in color

It was love at first sight, I still remember the first time I stumbled upon a photo of a bride in a gorgeous ivory ball gown with a bright purple crinoline peaking from underneath it; love at first sight I tell you. There's just something inexplicably stunning about it! Maybe its the stark color contrast of white and ivory tones matched with a bold splash of color? Maybe its the element of surprise, because no one expects to see bright colors under the garment? Or  maybe there really is no good reason for my infatuation with this trend, The heart wants what it wants.. what more can I say?

A dyed crinoline is an excellent way for the bride to incorporate color into her ensemble, it makes for great photographs, and gives the bride a good excuse to pick up her skirt and show off her shoes at the same time. And while we are on the topic of shoes.. I simply must comment that while I do love bright colored crinolines, and bright colored shoes worn separately, I think its a big no-no to wear them both together. The whole beauty of adding the color to the shoe or crinoline is to have it pop out against the white/ivory gown If the shoes are dyed the same color as the crinoline it looks too matchy and belongs in fashion jail.

Chime in my darlings and share your opinions on the matter.



  1. Agree completely! I think it should be Either a dyed crinoline or dyed shoes but not both in the same color.

  2. Genvieve2/02/2011

    Totally depends, colored shoe and crinny can be done together..