March 10, 2011!

Repeat after me, wedding shoes do not have to be white. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until you believe it. Too many brides allow themselves to be convinced that a)they must wear white shoes and b) it doesn’t matter what shoes they wear because “no one will even see your shoes” This is not true!! The SATC wedding shot above proves that the bride's shoes make many appearances, such as when the bride steps out of the car, when she raises her dress to walk up or down steps, while dancing the night away or anytime she feels like raising her dress to show off her fabulously dressed feet!!

There are only two situations in which I would advise a bride to wear white shoes;

  • If she plans to wear a bright colored crinoline

  • If she will be wearing a bright colored wedding dress.

If those scenarios don’t apply to you then kick those plain white pumps to the curb and search for something bold and brave. It doesn’t have to be a bright color, metallic colors or pastels work great too. The great shoe hunt is a series that takes brides on a search for the perfect wedding shoes. This weeks edition focuses on KATE SPADE. Let me start by saying that KATE SPADE is on my love/hate list. Her shoes are impeccably made, and last forever… but with prices averaging around $300 a pair.. they aren’t exactly affordable to the average bride, especially those on a budget…

Having said that, you can always stalk her shoes until you find it on sale somewhere.. These are some of my Kate Spade favorites that would look stunning on a bride:


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