July 27, 2011

Drool worthy wedding shoes : Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman claims that he designs shoes to "make women happy", all I can say in response to that is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  Dear Stuart your shoes do make me very happy indeed.. well except for one tiny detail ;the price tag!!! I mean $350 for a pair of shoes is a bit much for a humble bridal writer like myself, especially considering that fact that some brides spend less than than on their wedding dress! 

However this excerpt from my article almost tips the scale in his favor

 "His stunning range of shoes are a constant favorite of celebrities for their live performances. We all know how rigorous Beyonce’s dance routines can be, and she has repeatedly shown up on stage at concerts and live events sporting the latest stilettos from Stuart’s collection, she even wears them when she travels through the airport! Many other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna and Carrie Underwood have also chosen to perform in Stuart’s shoes. The fact that his shoes can endure nights of on-stage dancing speaks a lot about the level of quality and comfort!... Continue reading on Examiner.com The great shoe hunt! Stuart Weitzman wedding shoes - ]

...but a true fashionista knows how to hunt down great deals at discounted rates! Websites like Myglassslipper, Zappos and Endless often have a good selection of his shoes on sale."   [

The sexy shoes in his collection speak for themselves...

Stay stylish

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