October 5, 2011

Let them eat cake...


A lot of people think I’m anti-flowers. But I promise I’m not. Honestly. I have nothing against flowers whatsoever but I just like to think outside the box and don’t see the need to have such an over abundance of flowers in every single element of the wedding. Some people just throw flowers on EVERYTHING in their wedding and just pray that it works… I’m not one of those people.

If you read the latest article about non floral wedding cake décor, then you know that while I do like certain cakes with the right touch of flowers, I’d much prefer a more clean and chic approach. For summer weddings, incorporating fruit on the cake is visually appealing and much more appetizing than flowers. In fact every time I see flowers on the cake I worry about where those flowers have been, how clean they are and if there is any residue of sprays, dyes and chemicals….



Feathers can also add a certain touch of whimsy to wedding cakes. But it is really important to choose the right type of feathers! I’ve said before that a lot of feathers especially when added to a bouquet are just too reminiscent of a feather duster that belongs with the mop and broom in the cleaning closet. Peacock feathers on the other hand are stylish, unique and make such a bold statement. The great thing about peacock feathers is they can be dyed to match any color scheme.

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The truth is wedding cakes don’t need to have too much going on, a few strands of ribbon, a sprinkle of crystals and pearls here and there, and a squirt of artistic fondant is all most cakes need to dazzle the guests.

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  1. My pet peeve is when people overdo bows - either on the dress, the cake, the registry/church or at the reception. But I like the cake 4th from bottom with it's bow. It's nicely done! 2nd from bottom reminds me of something I'd eat at Christmas but I really do like the gem artwork.