August 5, 2010

The chair cover debate!

My most recent post on Examiner gives both sides of the story; agreed chair covers are functional and easy on the eyes, but boy can they get a bit much to look at!  Yes indeed there is such a thing as being too matchy or being over accessorized and a lot of the standard chair cover and sash combos are guilty of this. When styling a reception hall or wedding chapel,  it is great to incoporate the wedding colors but it doesn't need to over done to the point that the exact same shade of the same color is everywhere in sight. To be truly chic, less is always more. For unique and stylish ways to dress up your wedding chairs read the full article here

Always a bridalista xx


  1. i like chairbacks but it depends as some can be fussy and boring. I like ones like the pink ones in the above image.

  2. Dorraine2/03/2011

    Adore the brown chair cover...stunning