August 22, 2010

The white controversy

The photo above is a snap shot from my most recent article on Examiner, discussing both sides of the white controversy.  The notion that a guest wearing white will compete with the bride is one that I don't particularly agree with. Although I do agree that it is distasteful for guests to do so, it isn't by any means the end of the world. My view is that a guest could show up in a full white ball gown complete with veil and gloves and still not be able to steal the spotlight from bride, unless she allows herself to be rifled by this non-incident.


  1. what an interesting post. I think all it takes is a smidgen of common sense and decorum.
    Fab post.

  2. guests should not wear white and bride has every reason to be furious if they do, thats like trying to show her up or somthing.

  3. Thanks for the comments.. I love to hear all sides of it!