October 13, 2010

The LONG and SHORT of it

[Gown information: In the order in which they appear- Romona Keveza L190, Oleg Cassini CT326, Amsale Aurora]

All brides want to be unique and different, and this is great, but being unique doesn't have to involve a  treasure hunt to find unusual ways of doing things. Not at all.. the most unique ideas are right before our very eyes but we miss them time and time again because we are trying too hard to find them. [Fashion rule 101 if you try too hard, you fail ] The hi-low hemline which was the focus of my examiner article this week,  is one that we are all familiar with even if we don't call it by that name. At one point or another I believe we've all owned a  hi-low skirt or dress with a slightly shorter hem in the front than the back which we thought was the height of fashion at that time, well its back and its better than ever. The hi-low hemline is turning into quite a hit on the bridal scene and its pretty obvious why. It is dramatic, it is sexy and its the best excuse to spend hours searching for the perfect wedding shoes, because unlike most wedding gowns the hi-low hemline really puts the shoes on display!

Stay stylish

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