September 29, 2010

Disney + Alfred Angelo = Stunning new bridal collection

Cinderella dress
Ariel dress

As I was growing up, I loved The Little Mermaid, I just wanted to grow a tail and swim into the sunset to find her.  Although I did like Cinderella and the other princesses,  none of them came close to Ariel. Having said that, I'm sure that many other women grew up loving one of the disney princesses and for those women they get to take that love to a whole new level.  Disney and Alfred Angelo joined forces to create a chic  new collection called Disney fairy tale weddings by Alfred Angelo. The collection features seven gowns, inspired by the life and style of the following seven disney princesses.  Ariel (The Little Mermaid, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle  (Beauty and the Beast), Cinderella, Jasmine (Aladdin), Snow White and Tiana (The princess and the frog)
I must be honest,  when I first heard about this idea I thought uh-oh, because every time I hear the word princess mentioned in the same sentence as wedding,  I get a little nervous. I immediately envision giant tiaras of the pageant kind, cloud size ball gowns and an over dose of the cheesy sparkly glimmer that generally surrounds "princess weddings" But  I should have known better. The gowns in this collection are stylish, effortless and best of all affordable! 
The video below shows a sneak peak of the gowns, my absolute favorite is the Snow white gown.. 

September 17, 2010

Vera Wang & David's Bridal live happily ever after...

So let me get this straight, the gorgeousness of Vera Wang at the affordable prices of David's Bridal? Sounds too good to be true, except for one thing.. it is true! A new collection WHITE has been launched featuring the usual chic sophistication that can be expected of Vera and best of all these gowns will range in price from $600 to $1400... Have I died and ended up in bridal heaven?  Those who tuned in to the Oprah show today got a sneak peak of the gowns that will be in that collection  and they are just as gorgeous as high end gowns by Vera, you can see some of the gowns here
For more information on this collection read the full article on my examiner page

September 3, 2010

Sneakers at a wedding?

PHOTO CREDIT//Leo Djiwatampu Photography
So I can imagine the mere mention of sneakers at a wedding is enough to cause nervous breakdowns for many brides. Surprisingly enough, there are increasingly more weddings that have the groom and his grooms men wearing formal pants, or even a full tuxedo paired with sneakers. The most popular sneaker of choice being the classic Chuck Taylor Converse All Star. I'll take a moment to say that I have a serious weakness for the Chuck Taylor collection so I may be severely biased on this matter. I feel that at certain outdoor weddings, where there is an overall semi-casual theme that runs through all elements of the wedding and all outfits in the bridal party, the converse sneakers can look hot. BUT and this is a big but, where it is a formal wedding with bride decked out in full ball gown, cathedral veil and the whole shebang, she'll look mismatched standing next to a groom in sneakers, as though they fell out of two different weddings at two completely different locations. Also while I do understand that not everyone likes Converse sneakers, I find that they are they tend to look much better than other sneakers; wearing bulky basket-ball sneakers with tuxedos just never looks to right to me...  again this could be mainly because I'm biased in favor of converse shoes.

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