September 3, 2010

Sneakers at a wedding?

PHOTO CREDIT//Leo Djiwatampu Photography
So I can imagine the mere mention of sneakers at a wedding is enough to cause nervous breakdowns for many brides. Surprisingly enough, there are increasingly more weddings that have the groom and his grooms men wearing formal pants, or even a full tuxedo paired with sneakers. The most popular sneaker of choice being the classic Chuck Taylor Converse All Star. I'll take a moment to say that I have a serious weakness for the Chuck Taylor collection so I may be severely biased on this matter. I feel that at certain outdoor weddings, where there is an overall semi-casual theme that runs through all elements of the wedding and all outfits in the bridal party, the converse sneakers can look hot. BUT and this is a big but, where it is a formal wedding with bride decked out in full ball gown, cathedral veil and the whole shebang, she'll look mismatched standing next to a groom in sneakers, as though they fell out of two different weddings at two completely different locations. Also while I do understand that not everyone likes Converse sneakers, I find that they are they tend to look much better than other sneakers; wearing bulky basket-ball sneakers with tuxedos just never looks to right to me...  again this could be mainly because I'm biased in favor of converse shoes.

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