February 22, 2011

Color outside the lines!

Wedding inspiration in unexpected places was the title of my most recent article, to let brides know that sometimes the best places to find great wedding ideas aren’t even remotely related to anything bridal such as the hardware store. Read more here...

And while we are on the subject of colors, another excellent source of inspiration is nature. There are tons of breathtaking color ideas all around us that most of us pay little attention to, such as;

The awesome swirls of pinks, purples and orange in the sky at sunset

The vibrant blue and green of a peacock’s feathers

The multidimensional honey, caramel and latte tones of the grains of sand at the beach, and the list goes on and on..

Here are some more fun and fabulous color combos

Lime &  Charcoal

Red &  Lilac

Yellow & Pink

Stay stylishly colorful!!


  1. What is that beautiful "red & lilac" flower? It's stunning!

  2. What is that "red & lilac" flower called? It is stunning!

  3. What is the "red & lilac" flower called? It's beautiful!