February 17, 2011

Wedding websites: The good, the bad, the ridiculous...

I have nothing against wedding websites, honestly I don’t, I think they can be quite useful and informative, which is why I published The importance of being online article but only if they are put together right..

Wedding websites, by their very nature are self congratulatory; they scream "yay us" "we are so amazing" "we are the best couple ever" "our wedding is the event of the century…" I think you get the picture. So that really needs to be played down otherwise 99% of your guests will be rolling their eyes as they scroll through your page. All it takes is a little bit of objective editing to create an awesome wedding website.
Believe it or not, there truly is no need for a lengthy bio of all your personal information; frankly if people don’t already know who you are they really shouldn’t be coming to the wedding at all. And as hard as it may be to accept, not that many people really care to read a giant essay describing all the tiny details of how you met and every moment leading up to the proposal.

The key to a great wedding website is to keep it simple. Include information that is actually helpful to the guests such as the dates, times and travel information for all wedding related events. Providing an option for online RSVP  is an excellent way to make sure all the guests respond, plus its eco friendly too as it eliminates the need for RSVP cards and thus saves a lot of paper

What are your thoughts on wedding websites? Do you love them, hate them, or cant make up your mind?



  1. Wow.. I couldnt agree more!! I always cringe reading wedding pages.. this is just so true.

  2. Jeanie2/17/2011

    Hahaha I Love this post

  3. I hate to admit this, but you are actually right. But as a bride myself its so easy to get carried away..

  4. i gotta disagree i luv wedding webs they are cute and fun to read. i'm nosey so i just love reading all the info.

  5. I hate wedding websites! I dont think they are necessary at all. Self-congratulatory is definitely the right way to describe them!

  6. Angela2/19/2012

    I love them! They're so handy, cost effective, eco-friendly. I couldn't imagine not using one. But yes, I agree, as long as it is toned down.