September 11, 2012

Head table or sweetheart table?


Having a hard time deciding between a head table or a sweet heart table for your wedding reception? Read all about the pros and cons of both here.  I adore the look of sweethearts but love the practicality of a head table. My ideal situation is a head table with a maximum of 8 people including the bride and groom. ( bride + groom + maid of honor + best man + parents of bride & groom) Because honestly what good is it to have a maid of honor if she is sitting on another table from me! The most stylish sweetheart tables are half rounds although some rectangular or round tables can look just as good. The glass sweetheart table above is just too beautiful for words albeit not very practical since the table is tiny! I especially love the bride and groom chair covers; simple, chic and perfect!!!

A happy compromise between a head table and sweetheart would be a sweetheart table sandwich; ie a small sweetheart table with two round tables on either side seating the bridal party and parents.

Draped fabric and table skirts are the most common options for decorating the head table or sweetheart table combined with flowers, lace and even lights. The photos below show many different style options for sweethearts and head tables


Stay stylish!

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  1. they are both gorgeous! the sweetheart table seems lots more informal though