September 27, 2012

Is it time for the gloves to come off?

Are bridal gloves outdated? Such a loaded question that I  get asked all the time.  I would say yes and no. There are certain types of gloves that still look stylish and chic even though they have that vintage air about them, and then there are others that need to stay put in the 1990s and never show their faces again.  Below is a breakdown of the different types of bridal gloves

[1]The gloves I like the least

These two photos show the type of bridal gloves that are most commonly sold in bridal salons. There is nothing wrong with these gloves per se, except that they aren't the most flattering options available and here is why
  •  In my opinion full fingered gloves belong outdoors in Fall and Winter.  We aren't in the Victorian era and it's never practical to wear full fingered gloves in doors especially not in satin or stretch fabrics. Full fingered gloves also take away focus from the rings, engagement and wedding rings usually look so much better on a bare finger than worn over a glove.
  • Fingerless gloves with the loop for the middle finger like the one shown above, rarely fit properly. They always end up sagging, ruching, and constantly needing to be adjusted. They are also often made out of the cheapest fabrics and really lower the overall look of the bride. In addition they usually feature lace cut outs or lace trims, that have very dated patterns and exaggerated designs that look more like prom queen than bridal.
[2] The gloves I like the most 
The stunning crystal encrusted cuffs by Ines Di Santo shown below just blow me away. They are a hybrid between a bracelet and a fingerless glove, and they are just fabulous. I have been crushing on these gloves for going on 3 years now and they still have not lost their appeal.  

Aren't they dreamy? Yes I thought so too and actually planned to buy a pair for my wedding. I called them up to order a pair and was told they start at around $500. That was my wake up call! $500 for a pair of cuffs? No thank you. Okay I understand that the crystal embellishments are expensive, but that is still way too much for a humble bridal writer like myself to spend on just an accessory! There are wedding gowns that cost less than that!
Regardless of the price, this style of glove is currently my favorite for a wedding. The sheer fabric gives it a "barely there" feel so it compliments the gown in a subtle way rather than loudly clashing with it. It also leaves your fingers bare for easy access to the rings.

[3]The gloves I like a little bit 

Vintage looking gloves made out of delicate lace or crochet have the potential to look sweet and endearing and can add a romantic air to the outfit. I'm not in love these but I do like them depending on the style of dress and the theme of the wedding. The third picture with the delicate buttons on the inside of the wrist are my favorite in this category.



  1. I think it really depends on the style of wedding and gown etc. But i do agree that I dont like the ones you dont like either. They just seem so old fashioned and not even in a vintage/retro way either. The Di Santo ones are beautiful, absolutely breathtaking.

  2. Yes Ines Di Santo gloves are just amazing!