January 14, 2010


Words really cant describe the horrors that have been endured in Haiti since the earthquake.. On blurry days like these the world seems to make no sense whatsoever...
The truth is we cant all be heroes and fly out there to help dig out survivors, but we can all pitch in and help in different ways. Brides-to-be who live near Campbell, CA have the chance to make a difference simply by going out this weekend and buying the dress of their dreams. I spoke to Laura at Gabrielle's Bridal Atelier earlier today and she confirmed that during their fundraising sale this weekend they would donate 10% of every gown sold, so if you live in the area and you're getting married soon, this weekend is the perfect time to head down to Gabrielle's for a stunning bridal gown with a heart.
They have a beautiful selection of wedding dresses ranging from Vera Wang to Melissa Sweet and Vineyard; their boutique has a gown for every bride! For more information about the fundraising sale click here to see the full article with contact details.

Prayers and best wishes for the survivors and rescue teams in Haiti tonight.


  1. Anonymous1/18/2010

    this is amazing way to help the people of Haiti!

  2. That is wonderful, what a great incentive. I hope lots of gowns were sold to help.