January 8, 2010

Its a love~hate thing!

I love the complete ensemble in the picture, the bridal gown that can be completely transformed into a mini party dress, as well as the pink satin peep-toes by Christian Louboutin, not to mention the sinfully attractive crystal cuff; I could stare at it adoringly for hours.. but I have nothing but hate for the fact that the entire outfit costs almost as much as my car... I thought they said the best things in life were free? It got me thinking & writing about all things bridal that I have a love hate relationship with such as;

Stunning bridal gowns paired with dowdy shoes from granma’s closet; I love the idea of being a comfortable bride, but hate the thought that a lot of women wear nicer shoes to other people’s weddings than they wear to their own! Most sensible bridal shoes are just too plain-jane for my liking; women shouldn’t even have to choose between being stylish and comfortable anymore. One order of comfy heels please!

Outdated mother of the bride collections: I love vintage inspired gowns and elegantly tailored pieces, but I hate the ancient yawn-worthy imposters that pretend to be stylish options for moms of the bride. Moms want to look chic and sophisticated too which is why I simply adore the collections by Mon Cheri and Cameron Blake.

Average bride syndrome: I love the fashion forward bridal designers and the stunning gowns they churn out season after season, but I hate that their gowns are mainly suited for the ‘average bride’ of a certain height and weight, which leaves all the not-so-average brides scratching around for a flattering wedding gown. The Body Conscious Bride series on my National Examiner page should be helpful for brides searching for their perfect gown.

Princess barbie tiaras: I love the added sparkle and glam of a tiara but hate the fact that the majority of them look like shiny plastic crowns that belong at a dress-up party. Less is more when it comes to bridal hair pieces, you dont want to look like you just stepped out of the Chronicles of Narnia ( even thought I loved the books when I was a child)

And finally I love Fridays but hate how fast the weekend goes by… Take care my darlings and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. i really like your blog

  2. Hello honey
    this is a GORGE post! adoring the round up!I think mums of brides have no excuse being frumpy what so ever!

    also ugly bridal shoes are heinous! the bride cant have anyone "out-shoeing" her! she can always change into chic ballet pumps when her feet get sore.

    love fridays too and think wknds go far too fast too!

    I hope you are well honey and are having a good wknd. Just to kindly let you know now there is now free subscription via a feed reader. Just click on the orange feed icon in the subscription section(right hand side of blog). Have a gorge day.


    Marian x

  3. hope you are well! happy your having your a good day.

  4. Dorraine2/03/2011

    This is post awesome!