January 28, 2010

♥ My love affair with Monique Lhuillier ♥

The bridal collections by Monique Lhuillier make me wish I lived in a modern romantic fairy tale land as heir to some coveted throne so I could wear one of her gowns every waking moment! Monique started out as a bridal designer when she was thinking up styles for her own wedding gown and who better to understand the needs of a brides than someone actually in the process of searching for the perfect gown? Her gowns are sweet, stylish, modern and vintage all at once. Each time I look through her collection I'm completely blown away by the artistic way the garments are put together and her modern interpretation of classic silhouettes.

Most wedding gowns are clichés, they all repeat the same old styles and ideas to the point that they are almost yawn-worthy and painfully predictable. Monique's gowns are far from that, each of them has a unique personality of its own, with her interesting fabric choices, unusual shapes and flawlessly executed detailing.

Not only do her gowns look great walking down the aisle, they are also excellent for the red carpet too.

Hope you're all as glad as I am that the week is nearly over...

Photos courtesy of Corina Lecca


  1. love her work, so frothy but elegant! yummy post

  2. I love her work, so modern but elegant and vintage at the same time! My favorite is the first picture.


  3. In LOVE with that Monique dress:) Stealing it for my blog!!! Thanks:)

  4. :) Thnx everyone! sure Lina will be checking out your blog soon. x