February 16, 2010

Carolina Herrera at New York Fashion week

Fashion week is beyond exciting, it's like Christmas all over again, only better! The new York fashion week has lived up to expectation once again with the abundance of stunning designs that have walked down the runway so far this week.. Yesterday bridal designer Carolina Herrera showed her fall 2010 collection. Mind you this wasn't her bridal collection since bridal fashion week isn't until October (what a long wait!) Instead like all the other bridal designers showing this week, Carolina presented her ready-to-wear evening and formal wear collection, but this didn't stop me from seeing if any of the gowns were wedding worthy! Many of the dresses would make excellent bridesmaid dresses, while still being refreshingly different from the boring strapless numbers we are so tired of! I already expressed my love for her use of suede gloves in my Bridal Report article on Examiner and I usually hate repeating myself, but not this time! Formal gloves are usually satin or lace and I do recall Vera Wang using black leather gloves in Bridal Fashion week last fall.. but these suede gloves are simply divine, they add an oh so sexy touch to the outfit... I'm so ready to see a bride incorporate this look into her bridal party! Below are some pieces from her latest collection...

[photos courtesy of Imaxtree]

I'm eagerly awaiting photos from the runway shows today... Stay Stylish my lovelies


  1. So feminine and elegant! Adore the red maxi with the ruffles - amazing! :)

  2. i love the mix of the red and blue. esp on the third dress. that splash of red in the middle is so stunning. :)