February 7, 2010

Minority Report!

Tia Mowry at her wedding
Ever tried searching for great wedding hair and makeup tips for women of color? If you have you'll know its much like digging for diamonds in your own living room.. pretty darn difficult! Figuring out hair and beauty is always a tough one, women spend a lifetime deciding on the perfect combination of products, and the most flattering hair cuts, but women with darker skin tones and afrocentric hair have the toughest time of all! Probably because they have less make up options available to them and not as many magazines or sites that specifically showcase hair and make-up techniques for the black bride.

The fabulous Jada with natural looking foundation
This inspired me to start yet another one of my mini-series called Minority Report, dedicated to bringing bridal hair and beauty tips specifically for women of color. My most recent addition to the series is all about the Right Light.  There is simply nothing worse than a beautiful bride, in a gorgeous gown wearing foundation that is simply way too light, way too dark or way too much! Now although there are many reasons why this happens, one of the main culprits is bad lighting.  Brides on a budget can't always afford a high priced make-up artist but at they very least they can and should make sure they have the right lighting to ensure that once they step outside into the natural light they look just as beautiful as they did indoors.

Hope the week ahead flies by, the sooner we get to spring the happier I'll be!


  1. foundation is so important on a brides big day! I think your post is invaluable!

  2. such a great post!
    & tia looked stunning at her wedding :)