February 1, 2010

In the spotlight!

The fabulous lives of the rich and famous arent always as glam as they appear to be... I simply can't imagine the constant pressure the stars are under when they know they have to show up to one red carpet event after another in consecutively stunning gowns that are flattering and yet all different from each other... But then isnt that what they signed up for? Extreme praise and equally extreme criticism? hmmm...

Carrie Underwood at the Grammys last night

I love looking at the red carpet photos and seeing all the interesting outfits; right away I can tell which gowns would look equally stunning at a wedding too! This is why I started a series on my examiner pages focused purely on bridal inspirations from the red carpet, to show that the best wedding gowns arent always in the bridal stores, they could be couture evening gowns too! So far this year I have been wowed by Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes with her stunning Origami dress by Marchesa, Jennifer Carpenter at the SAG awards in her long sleeved mini dress by Paule Ka and Rhianna at the Grammys last night in her stunning gown by Elie Saab.

Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys last night

As usual the fashion police have been harshly vocal about the gowns and looks they hated, and while some of them seemed unneccesarrily mean with childish name calling [ then they wonder why stars have such deep rooted insecurites], others were spot on with their comments. I for one could not understand the look that Gaga was going for last night. While the Armani dress was futurisitc and unusual (and probably uncomfortable) what was her excuse for the hair and makeup? Lesson to all brides, a stunning gown is simply not enough, it needs to be paired with classy hair, makeup and accesories otherwise its just a waste of a dress.


  1. Gorgeous post abby! Rihanna looked a dream. actually loved Gaga's look and yes they did sign up for the praise and the panning.
    have a gorge day and thanks for yummy post!

  2. Thanks! I did admire the artistry in Gagas dress but the cheese colored hair and overdone makeup? that wasnt hot

  3. I love Rihanna's dress too! The feathers are divine. I agree about lady Gaga, I like the idea of the dress but the hair ruined it for me.


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