April 7, 2011

Casablanca bridal gowns ~ Deliciously customizable wedding dresses

Casablanca 2005

The wonderful world of Casablanca outlines why their wedding gowns are so awesome! At first glance they appear to be average and ordinary wedding gowns but it pays to take a second look because these gowns  are exquisitely well made and are totally customizable. Essentially a bride can combine several of her top contenders into a truly unique dress made just for her.  The options are really endless... Here are some of the lovely gowns by Casablanca with possibilities of how they could be customized to suit individual brides.

Casablanca Couture B048
This is a classic style; traditional A-line gown in Duchess Silk, dipped strapless neckline and beading over the front and back of the bodice, as well as along the hem and down the center of the back. With box pleats and pick ups on the back of the skirt and chapel train.
This dress can be customized in so many ways:
Neckline- Can be deepened into a true sweetheart //Convereted into a straight strapless //Straps added to make it halter, off the shoulder, one shoulder. Sleeves can be added.
Bodice- The bead work can be reduced or the style changed, corset lace up can be added
Waistline - This can be dropped to create a  fit and flare silhouette, or raised to change the gown into more of a ball gown shape. The V shaped beading around the waistline can be changed into a straight line or removed altogether.
Skirt- Bead work can be reduced or the style changed, pleats and pick ups can be removed. Train can be shortened or lengthened.

Moral of the story- If you like one of their gowns but have doubts about certain details, Casablanca can change the elements you dont like about the gown and make it work for you. Browse through the photos below to see more styles by casablanca that can also be customized to suit the bride.

So if your stuck between two dresses cant decide which one you want, why not combine them into one dress! Check out casablancabridal.com.


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  1. These gowns are stunning!! especialy the very first one. that flower bodice is to die for. who would wanna change a thing?