April 29, 2011

Princess Beatrice steals the show?

                                                                       Princess Eugenia and sister Princess Beatrice

With all the royal wedding hype in the past months, its not surprising that all the guests went all out to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. As can be expected with British aristocracy, there were many interesting and fashion forward hats and head pieces, many of them by haute couture hat designer Phillip Treacy. I usualy adore Phillip's hats, but I'm at a loss for words at the hat Princess Beatrice showed up in.

Is it really even a hat? It looks like it should be worn to a sacrificial ceremony of heathen gods.. seriously! I'm all for high fashion but not if you cant pull it off. I mean she could have worn the hat more towards the back of her head or on the side of her head at an angle, but the way its sitting in front of her head, I just have two requests,
  1. Dear princess Beatrice dont ever wear this "hat" again
  2. Dear Phillip Treacy kindly print out instructions of how to wear your hats for each of your clients because something tells me this hat wasn't designed to be worn this way.
Much obliged! ;)


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