November 3, 2009

All things bright and beautiful

As I searched through the mountain of information available on the internet, I came across a photo that caught my eye; the bright colored floral spheres adorning the aisle at a wedding.  I was drawn to the photo because the colors were bold and attractive and were unlike most wedding decorations I've seen in the past; the usual were often pale pastels.

The article I published on my page today The bold and the beautiful displayed several different ways to add splashes of color to the wedding aisle without spending a fortune. Bright colored decor adds a  breath-taking quality to the photos as the bride is bound to stand out more when her pale gown is contrasted against bright colors.
Several of the photos feature multi-functional pieces that can be used both at the wedding ceremony and at the reception party later. For extra savings, flowers can be avoided all together and can be replaced by other bright colored pieces such as Chinese paper lanterns,  pillar candles or petals. Whenever candles are used as aisle runners, an appropriate flame guard must always be used to avoid the fire hazard of open flames.  Real petals can actually become very slippery when walked on so it is always best to have them on the sides of the aisle rather than in the center. See below for more affordable ideas on how to add  color to your aisle decorations.


  1. I love this post as ive always been fascinated on the pretty aisle options. those ones are beautiful!