November 18, 2009

Off the shoulder bridal gowns

Brides tend to flock towards a specific type of gown in their attempts to look authentic, and fit into the generally accepted mould of a bride. Without a doubt,  the strapless neckline would definitely win the popularity award but there are many other necklines available to brides who dare to venture from the norm.

Off the shoulder gowns feature a wide neckline with straps or sleeves that appear to be literally falling off the shoulders. These gowns are very reminiscent of the romantic era of old Hollywood. Brides in the 1950s were particularly fond of this neckline; famous women like Elizabeth Taylor  (shown in the picture above) and Jackie Kennedy (as seen below) walked down the aisle in stunning off the shoulder wedding dresses. This type of neckline offers more coverage to the back and upper arms of the bride as compared to completely strapless dresses. They are ideal for women who prefer not to have completely bare arms and shoulders. The key to choosing the right off the shoulder gown is making sure it is the perfect fit! Despite the fact that it is meant to look as though it is falling off the shoulders, it still has to stay in place right on the edge of the shoulders or at the top of the upper arms. If the fit is anything less than perfect, the straps will keep slipping too high or too low and will ruin the overall look. 

Off the shoulder gowns create the illusion of broader shoulders, so women who are heavier on the top with big arms and very broad shoulders should steer clear of these gowns. Aside from that, they are generally very flattering for most body types; they add a feminine touch to any gown and are a refreshing break away from the standard strapless neckline that is currently dominating the bridal scene.  


  1. digging your blog totally

  2. Ps J'adore off the shoulder gowns!

  3. the off shoulder pieces are simply innately chic.
    I really like your choices.
    Beauties Elizabeth taylor and Jackie O made stunning brides in those gowns.
    Something very 50's about them that i like.

  4. That third gown on the seated model is simply stunning! It's simple, yet elegant and ethereal.

    Fabulously gorgeous. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your blog is very nice and quite timely. I love the vintage photos.

    Have a great evening.

  5. Anonymous11/21/2009

    Jackies gown is so timeless that I would totally wear it now! just need to find a man first and then the wedding. It goes to show that a timeless dress will stand the test of time.