November 23, 2009

The Balloon Debate

Are balloons ever really stylish enough for a wedding? Balloons are the most universal decoration used all over the world. They seem to transcend age, gender and social class. I have attended more than my fair share of weddings and seen an overdose of the best and worst of balloon decorations used in the wedding ceremony itself and at the reception hall. Objectively speaking, there are good reasons to use wedding balloons and equally good reasons to run a mile away from them.
The good Balloons are affordable, they have significantly smaller price tags than fresh flowers and involve much less work and risk than candle arrangements. They are an easy way to incorporate the wedding colors into the decoration as they are available in literally every color imaginable. They are also extremely multi-functional, possessing the ability to take on several roles in the wedding d├ęcor, adding up to a great overall saving. Balloons can be use as aisle runners, reception centerpieces or arches and pillars for the couple to stand or sit under. They can even be made into exploding balloon drops that release cascading mini balloons on the couple during their first dance or serene balloon clouds that float above the guests at the reception. The possibilities are endless. Many couples have their friends and family release handfuls of balloons into the air as the couple exits they church, creating a beautiful visual effect which lasts longer than throwing confetti or rice and can be captured better in the photographs.

The bad In all honesty, balloons are terribly reminiscent of clowns and 6 year old birthday parties; by their very nature balloons have a childish quality, so the choice to use them in a formal event is always a risky one. Many people wrongly believe that balloons are easy to handle so they attempt to do the balloon decorations themselves which can result in tacky balloon arrangements. To succeed in pulling off a stylish balloon arrangement, experienced professional help is an absolute must and this will of course cost more money. Balloons have an exceptionally short life span; they can easily be popped by any number of sharp edges that abound in a room full of people such as hats, belt buckles and the eager hands of excited children. In addition, helium filled balloons have the cheeky tendency to come loose and fly away in respectful obedience to the gravity defying gas within them. Finally, regardless of how much experience the balloonists have, wedding balloons only look good in metallic colors and pastels, dark colored balloons seem to look childish no matter how nicely they have been arranged.

Balloons have the potential to look chic and stylish enough for a wedding, but only when they are handled by experts who treat them as delicate pieces of art rather than childish toys.


  1. when balloons are this fabulous, i have no problem using them!

  2. You are right, balloons when used elegantly and innovatively by professionals can create a wonderful look. You prove that by your images above!fabulous post.