November 2, 2009

FABRICATED. Understanding bridal fabrics: taffeta

When brides go in search of their dream gown, they want to have a good time. The last thing they need is a thunder storm of unfamiliar words and terms that make the whole process seem tedious and confusing. Keeping up with the endless combinations of fabrics involved in a wedding can be quite overwhelming, but it no longer has to be thanks to my fabric encyclopedia otherwise known as FABRICATED.

Taffeta is a crisp woven fabric with a medium sheen and fine cross rib. The word TAFFETA always reminds of me of sweet and chewy taffy, and the fabric is just as yummy as it sounds! It is said to have originated from Persia, although the main producer of taffeta today is India. It was originally woven from fine silk, but modern versions of the fabric make use of synthetic fibers such as nylon too. Some versions of taffeta are deliberately creased or crinkled for a more aged effect. It usually catches the light in a dramatic way with its quiet luster, and makes a hushed rustling sound when the bride moves. The firm nature of taffeta makes it the perfect choice for brides who want a more structured look for their gowns. Here are some of my favorite taffeta gowns.

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  1. ohhh congrats on the new blog and its very first post!
    love taffetta designs, love the name of that fabric too!

  2. Anonymous11/03/2009

    really drawn to shorter tafetta designs like those in your post

  3. Thanks I quite like Taffeta myself, its not the typical airy fairy princess fabric expected in a bridal gown