November 10, 2009

Dreaming of a white winter...

I'm ever drawn to unusual combinations of bright and fun colors, but my latest interest is completely void of color; all white bridal bouquets. They seem to be appearing in all the recent celebrity weddings like Milla Jovovich, Khloe Kardashian and Ivanka Trump. The white bouquet is appealing because of its simple beauty; it looks ultra chic and stylish without being too loud or over done. An all white bouquet can consist of a mixture of several different kinds of flowers in different shades of white, giving each bride the chance to create their own unique version of the monochrom
e bouquet.
The downside to having a white bouquet is that when the photographs are taken, it is easy for the bouquet to blend into the white wedding gown and fade away from notice. For this reason many photographers and wedding planners strongly advise against white bouquets unless the bride intends to wear a bright colored gown, but there are ways around this; such as choosing flowers that are a significantly darker or lighter shade of white than the bridal gown. Alternatively, incorporating flowers with bright colored centers or even adding non floral elements to the bouquet can make a big difference. The miniature pine cones added to the winter bouquet shown below help to add texture and light to the bouquet, giving it a life of its own and making it stand out more against the white wedding gown. Some brides choose to wrap the handle of the bouquet with a bright colored fabric thereby adding a splash of color and contrast which translates beautifully in the photographs

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Photo credit Photos by Carlos Andres Varela and Allan Zepeda, Claire Barrett Photography, Ksenija Savic Photography, Echard Wheeler Photography Azul Photography, Kari Kochar Photography


  1. Anonymous11/11/2009

    like this floral trend a lot

  2. The all white bouquet is so refreshing!!! adoring how chic,sleek and modern it is. It is beautiful and most definately a must do!

  3. Anonymous11/12/2009

    timeless bouquets,the trump girl's bouquet was ver pretty